sketchbook therapy

the every day experience on drawing for an healthy life


I am an invited Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Department since 2003/2004, teaching Communication Design, Composition, Drawing and Aesthetics on the Higher School of Education [ESEB] of Bragança Polytechnic Institute [IPB] – Portugal.

I am a researcher member on Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade [I2ADS] – Portugal.

I studied  at Fine Arts School of the University of Porto [FBAUP] – Portugal, where I obtained an BA degree in Communication Design/Graphic Arts, in 2003. In 2007 I finished my MA in Multimedia Arts at FBAUP. At the moment, I’m making a PhD in Art & Design at FBAUP.

Sketchbook Therapy, is my website/blog concerning to my drawings on my sketchbooks.
Permission to link to is granted and your comments will be very appreciated.
Permission to use any of the images must be considered by your proposal.
For further information about Sketchbook Therapy, please send a message to sketchbooktherapy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you!

6 comments on “::about::

  1. Brian Sanders

    There are some very fine drawings in this collection, do you intend to develop further artworks from them?

    • sketchbooktherapy

      well… i must confess that is very, very, very rare start a drawing thinking that i’ll take it out of the notebook to develop something starting from it. I just hope that this drawings on notebooks give and lead me to latent ideas. As pure drawings, they born and died on the notebook 🙂

  2. hugo costa

    Parabéns pelo blog, pelos desenhos e reflexões!

  3. Pedro Gois

    Espetacular, fiquei impressionado!

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